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Optimal camping safety

The camping safety very much depends on the area where you place your tent, which is why many experts recommend that you only set your tent in local state parks and populated areas.

Then, the position of the tent is very camping safetyimportant for the camping safety at the times when it rains. Therefore, never place the tent in a low-lying area as you risk to be flooded.

However, if there is no other option, you can actually dig a three or four inch deep trench on the sides of the tent so that the water may be diverted from the area. Most camping safety rules also refer to the measures you take to protect yourself against wild animals.

Animal trails for instance indicate a favorite passage space, therefore, place the tent as far as you can from a well trodden path in the middle of the forest.camping safety tips

Keep all the pans clean, and the food somewhere away from the campsite, since you may have bears for night visitors. For camping safety, all the food must be stored at minimum 200 yards away from the tent area.

Another matter of concern is the location of the tent under trees. Though this may seem like a good idea because the tree would give you shade and a safety feeling, don't fall into the trap of following this apparent security. There could be dead limbs in the canopy that could fall over you when you least expect it.

Other camping safety measures apply to people: children and adults that take part to the trip. It sometimes happens that fellow campers get lost. Presently, there is a variety of tips and hints to help one survive in the wild while preventing human accidents.

A medical kit is an absolute must for any camping expedition. In case you intend to spend more time in the wild, make sure that you include some antibiotics in the pack too as you never know what may come up. Then, anti-diarrhea, anti-inflammatory drugs and some form of disinfectant are also necessary.

Water quality is one other element that affects camping safety. Take a portable water purifier with you and never drink from a creek even if it seems crystal clear.

Water pollution or infestation doesn't show itself under the form of sediments or muds all the time.

Sometimes the risk is micro-biological, and it is against these hidden enemies that you must take measures.


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