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An intro to camping clothing

How to dress when you go camping? Well, most often, common sense is the one to influence the choice of camping clothing, plus, everyone will consider the climate and the season specific to the destination site.

camping clothingGood protection and reliable thermal control, these are the two main criteria to judge what type of camping clothing you are going to need. Sturdy clothes are the ones to offer the level of protection you'd expect.

Keep in mind the fact that the t-shirts and the shorts most people think of when they refer to camping, do not bring the safety you may need in the woods for instance.

Without good camping clothing to protect the body, campers will face the risk of scrapes, cuts and exposure to toxic plants. Thus, you should always choose a t-shirt thatcamping clothing gear provides a high level of comfort while still remaining durable.

The best materials to look for are usually a combination of cotton, wool and synthetic fibers. This is the right choice for the hot summer days but not for winter camping expeditions.

In winter, you need something thick but lightweight, and fleece camping clothing is superior to any other clothes you can have available for the cold season.

Such camping clothing will insure a good insulation level while allowing for sweat to be eliminated from the skin level to the exterior. Wool is no longer a preferred option since it is heavier and very uncomfortable if worn against the skin.

Modern fabrics therefore remain the only acceptable and quality solution for camping clothing. These specifications apply to all family members from children to adults, and it is not very difficult to find a match for everyone.

Do not wear shorts unless you have plenty of open areas around the camp, and take care that the camping clothing brings a good protection level for children.

If you want to be prepared for rainy days too, Gore-Tex camping clothing is perfect. It is completely waterproof and highly breathable. You will however consider that such camping clothing is a bit more expensive, but most definitely worth every cent.

Before starting the trip as such take some time to think about the best ways to dress comfortably and safely. Thus, the basic principle to follow is the layer dressing method allowing for the wearer to adjust to the climate conditions.

Early in the morning you may have to use thicker clothes but as the day advances you'll have to take these layers off.


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