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Types of camping lantern

Camping is one of the most interesting types of holidays. It is normally supposed to be relaxing but sometimes it can turn out to be tiring and unpleasant.

If you go camping and you did not do your camping lanternhomework, that is you did not take all the necessary things with you, it can actually turn into a disaster. At least one camping lantern should be on your camping list and then in your camping baggage.

At night, as well as during the daytime, accidents may happen, and for such situations you have to be prepared and know what to do as you will be away from civilization and unable to take much advantage of it. Therefore safety items as well as one camping lantern, or more are always a must in your camping luggage.

What should you know about and where can you find a good camping lantern? Not difficult if you getcamping lanterns informed. The camping lantern has been with us for a long time.

The camping lantern comes in different types which are determined by the fuel they use or by the manner of operating it. Thus there are fuel lanterns like kerosene and gas lanterns that are among the oldest.

Among the newer lanterns there are LED lanterns, rechargeable or electric lanterns, butane lanterns, battery lanterns, candle lanterns and propane lanterns.

Whatever type of camping lantern you consider purchasing you should know that there is no perfect lantern but you should look for the most suitable for your purposes and intentions, since all of them have both advantages and disadvantages.

Here is one useful tip for you: if there is already a camping stove or any other piece of camping gear in your inventory that works on fuel, then purchase a camping lantern that uses the same kind of fuel.

In this way you will not have extra baggage. In case you want to go for a camping lantern that burns fuel, you should know that glass globes, though allowing more light to come out, is fragile and not as safe as metal ones are; the latter are stronger and safer but not as luminous.

In order not to run out of lighting accessories, make sure that when you get your camping lantern you also get enough fuel, bulbs, extra mantles, and/or batteries, depending on the type of camping lantern you purchase.

There are many types and models of camping lanterns, which vary in price widely. A simple fuel camping lantern will cost around 10 US dollars (USD).

More sophisticated models can go up to 100 USD and include things like remote distance ignition, safety switches, and/or automatic electric ignition.

But to be honest, you will not need such accessories and features on a camping trip. What you will need is a camping lantern which will give out light, is not heavy but light and safe.


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