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Going on a camping holiday involves a lot of preparation and getting a lot of supplies: clothes, food, first aid items, etc, as a camping holiday is a type of holiday that lasts longer than just camping stovea couple of days and during each you have to prepare your family’s meals in conditions that are different and more difficult than those offered by your kitchen.

For this reason one thing you probably cannot do without while on a camping holiday is a camping stove. To acquire a camping stove can be an easy thing to do if you remember a few important details.

On the other hand, getting the right camping stove can turn out to be quite hard as there are so many types on the market and so many stores that sell them.

Anyway, before deciding to shop for a camping stove you should know a few important things about these devices, things like: the types of stoves that are available, their sizes, the type of fuel they use,camping stoves how they function, and weight.

Camp stoves differ in size from big three-burner propane stoves, which are appropriatel for car camping, down to pocket-sized backpacking stoves that weigh three ounces or less.

One very important aspect to consider when you buy a camping stove is the weight and fuel of the device, especially when you intend to take longer backpacking trips, as you will have to carry both the camping stove and the fuel for it. Obviously this should not be a matter of such importance when you travel by car.

Then do not ignore the safety aspect of the camping stove. Since alcohol evaporates very fast and produces the least smoke, an alcohol camping stove seems to be the least flammable and, therefore the safest choice.

Also a quite safe camping stove is considered to be one that uses propane. One thing is for sure, no matter what type of stove you have; never use it in the tent.

The most convenient types of camping stove are canister and propane ones as they get set up quickly, they are easily lit; besides propane is among the most convenient fuels.
As mentioned above, there are many types of camping stove systems varying also in the purpose for which they were designed and the type of fuel they use.

Thus you can find camping stove systems that work on propane, white gas, canister gas, alcohol, etc. No matter what reason you want a camping stove for (disaster preparation, camping or backpacking) it is very important that you choose the best fuel for your needs.

You should always remember that each type of fuel to be used in a camping stove has both advantages and disadvantages for each situation in particular, whether it is propane, white gas, butane, isobutane, alcohol, wood, blended gases or petroleum-based liquid fuels.


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