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The camping shower explained

Hygiene is one major concern when going camping and spending time out in the open without toilets and bathrooms available.

Camping gear manufacturers have solved camping showerthis problem by introducing the portable toilet and the camping shower.

Going out in nature definitely implies sweating, getting dirty and muddy. What better way to keep up the good mood and the personal comfort than a shower?

Though some public campsites provide all the wash facilities necessary, it is simply not the same with having your personal camping shower. Plus, you could be anywhere in nature without depending on a campground or another.

Some public camps do indeed offer you a place for showering. But this means that they are meant to give no privacy in other ways. Campscamping showers that include shower service usually put you in the middle of a dozen unknown strangers that are camping together with you.

Public camps are by no means a refreshing vacation. You get no privacy, you hear all the noise other campers make, you can go at no place where you are totally sure no-one will spring out of the bushes during you’re on a romantic picnic with your mate.

Public camps are only suitable for groups of people, which hire the whole camping site for themselves, they know each other and can enjoy being so close together, as well as fully enjoy the camp showers.

An improvised camping shower has many times saved the comfort of campers, but such solutions are not always viable and they only work on sunny summer days when it's hot and you can afford bathing in less than perfect conditions.

In the past it was common to make a camping shower by filling bags with water warmed by the sun and hanging them on a tree. However, what if there is no sun to warm the water?

It is really difficult to use such a camping shower on a clouded or semi-clouded day. This would explain the great popularity of ready-made camping shower models that provide privacy and warm water for all the people in the camp.

Take for instance the most basic type of camping shower: it provides pop up sides and some form of floor mat for the user to stand on. The sides are made of a material that allows free air circulation without affecting your privacy.

This means that you cannot be seen from the outside, and you'll surely have the feeling of being alone. In recent years, a significant improvement in the quality of the camping shower models has been reported, a phenomenon explained by the ever higher demand of such items by people going camping.


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