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Camping chairs explained

Camping chairs were created on the principle of folding chairs and following the guidelines of simplicity and functionality.

The very folding feature is a necessity given the fact that the camping chairs have to be carried around easily: lightweight and ergonomic such products do make a difference when you want to spend some great time in the middle of nature.

Few people know that the present-day camping chairs draw their origins from their folding variants used in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. For instance the Roman emperor's chair was a folding chair made of highly decorated wood. Carvings, gilds and ivory ornaments were added to the structure but essentially it remained a folding chair.

The closest to the camping chairs from today was the model invented by Fredric Arnold in 1947 when he made an aluminum structure with a fabric large strap for the seat and the back.

Depending on the design, camping chairs fall under a variety of categories from side-X stools to front X chairs. The most common materials used for the manufacturing of camping chairs are plastic and lightweight metal like aluminum.

The design in itself is almost a standard one since the purpose of such pieces of outdoor furniture is to be practical; moreover, camping chairs are usually sold in sets including four chairs and a table.

The very manufacturing process as such is pretty simple since it consists in the assembling and binding together of plastic or metal tubes. The price of the camping chairs very much depends on the design and the materials used.

Thus you can pay from $15 to $50 per piece. Nevertheless it is surely obvious that most people will prefer buying something cheap or ever average given the fact that the usage rate is pretty reduced.

The main question here is: how often do you go camping? The frequency of usage represents the main criteria for deciding what type of camping chairs to purchase.

The most expensive camping chairs have multiple reinforcements and padded seats. One other consideration for the high prices of such outdoor furniture items is the brand name or the reputation of the manufacturer on the market.

All in all, it is surely recommended that you don't rush into buying the first camping chairs you come across. Have a look around, make some research and see which items would be the fittest for your purposes. What you expect from an outdoor trip is comfort and relaxation and the camping chairs could be responsible for them.


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